Links to other astrophotographical websites

Christian Rusch and Rainer Späni - Neighborhood friends Manuel Jung - Wide field astrophotography with FSQ106 & STL11k
Hansjörg Wälchli - Pictures with TEC140 APO Michael Steffen - Wide field astrophotography
Immo Gerber - Astrofriend doing great widefield imaging! Andreas Rörig - Great images from germany
Michael Deger - Very nice pictures from Germany Stefan Heutz and Wolfgang Ries - Images mainly taken with 18" Newton
Rolf Geissinger - Great images with narrowband techniques! Volker Wendel and Bernd Flach-Wilken - Almost professional
Dirk Bautzmann - Great images taken with different telescopes Stefan Binnewies and Josef Pöpsel - Remote observatory on Kreta!
Johannes Schedler - Beautiful style of image processing, also see Chart32!! Wolfgang Promper - Stunning images from Austria - Inspiring!
Bernhard Hubl - Great images with a lot of useful processing tips Dietmar Hager - Fantastic images taken with 9" TMB Apo
Gerhard Bachmayer - Deep images with 10" ASA Newtion Günter Kerschhuber - Great collection of images
Rochus Hess - Great CCD images with 10" Newton and Pentax 75SDHF Gerald Rhemann - Deep images with fast ASA Newton Astrographs
Robert Pölzl - Great and deep images with fast Newton Astrograph Manfred Wasshuber - Deep images with various instruments
Herbert Walter - Images with FSQ106 Thomas Henne - Fantastic images with DSLRs!
Patrick Hochleitner - Images with Skywatcher refractors Markus Blauensteiner - Deep images with 10" Newton and ASA mount
Nicola Montecchiari - Astrofriend from Italy Leonardo Orazi - Great images taken from Northern Italy
Marco Lorenzi - Great images with remote TEC140! Andrea Tamanti - Nice images taken under light polluted skies
Robert Gendler - Master astrophotographer - remotly controlled observatory Jerry Lodriguss - Many useful tips and tricks for astrophotography!
R Jay GaBany - Inspiring and very colorful images Russell Crowman - One of my favorites (low activity)
Steve Cannistra - Very informative site with great images Neil Flemming - Great narrow band images!
Bob and Janic Fera - Very nice and deep images Ken Crawford - Very deep images taken with 20" RC telescope
Tony and Daphe Hallas - Legendary astrophotographer Chuck Vaughn - Great collection of DSLR and Orion StarShot Pro images
Howard Edin - Great astrophotographer with a nice style of processing Hap Griffin - DSLR astroimages
Brian Peterson - Nice DSLR images from South Carolina Adam Block - Spectacular!
Bob Birket - Images from Mesa Arizona Brian Lula - Very deep images with 20" RCOS from New Mexico
John Gleason - Specialist of very deep h-alpha images! Jon Christensen - Deep and colorful CCD-images!
Tom Davis - Dark nebula specialist with 12" ASA Newton Richard Crisp - Narrowband specialist
Warren Keller - Founder of IP4AP processing tutorials! Bob Franke - Founder of eXcalibrator!
Other Countries
Karel Teuwen - Images taken from Belgium and remotely from southern-france Steve Crouch - Deep images taken from Australia
Martin Pugh - Very nice pictures from the southern hemisphere (AUS) Ivan Eder - One of the best DSLR astro-images! (Hungary)
Antonio Fernandez - Great images from Spain Yakayuki Yoshida - Great images from Japan

Astronomy Hard- and Software

Santa Barbara Instrument Groups (SBIG) - Great CCD-Cameras Apogee Instruments
Finger Lakes Instrumentation QSI CCD-cameras - High quality CCD!
Alccd CCD-cameras Starlight Xpress CCD-cameras
Telescopes and Components
Telescope Engineering Company (TEC) - Great Refractors TeleVue Instruments - Refractors and high quality eyepices!
Gerd Neumann - Many things that makes life easier Starlight Instruments - Famous for their FeatherTouch focuser
Hutech - Borg refractors and modified DSLR cameras AstroPhysics - Superb mounts and refractor telescopes!
Adobe Photoshop - The standard in image processing CCDStack - Great CCD-image processing tool
The Sky - Astro-planetarium software and telescope controlling system Registar - Very powerful image registration program
ImagesPlus - Also a very powerful image processing software IRIS - Great freeware image calibration programm
PixInsight - Most powerful astro-image processing software

Other favorite and useful sites

APOD - Every day a new selected image related to astronomy Astrophotography - Great site of useful information about astrophotography