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Comet Holmes - November 12, 2007

Optics Borg ED 101 at f/8.8
Camera Canon EOS20D modified
Filters none
Date 12 Nov 2007 - 17.00 to 22.00 UT
Location Antares Observatory
Sky Conditions mag 5 sky
Exposure 1x5min and 15x17-23s ISO800
total: about 10min
Programs used Fitswork, CCD Night XP, Photoshop
Notes No more exposures could be taken due to very cloudy conditions

Holmes Center

The inner Structure of the Center seen in 50% resolution.

Comet Holmes

click here for a 60% size 1987x1392 (838KB)

Comet Holmes was discovered in 1892 by Edwin Holmes. Similarly to the time of discovery, comet holmes rapidly increased in brightness at 24. October 07 due to an unexpected outburst. The absolut brightness actually increased by about 500'000 times which probably occured because of a break up of the comet or a sudden exposure of ice. Since then, the bright coma is expanding and has reached about 27arcmin in diameter at this stage.
Holmes will continue expanding and continuously fading out during the next weeks. The bright star in the image above is Mirfak (Alpha Persei).

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