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Whirlpool Galaxy, M51

IC 4628

Prawn Nebula, IC4628

Sunflower Galaxy

Sunflower Galaxy M63


On this webpage you will find images from our universe, showing distant ionized gas, dust and stars forming clusters and galaxies.

In contrast to daytime photography each of these images has been produced by capturing light (photons) over many hours with a sensitive camera attached to a telescope. These photons usually have been travelling for many thousands to even millions of years before reaching the detector here on earth.

Different wavelengths of light combined with modern filtering techniques allow to picture objects in color and to represent them in a realistic manner. Despite these methods there is always an artistic factor coming from the photographer due to the necessary image processing involved. However, I aspire to produce good contrasted images without adulterate the real data.

Take a look at the CCD- or DSLR- image gallery and enjoy the colorful view from our universe! Thank you for stopping by!

Fabian Neyer,
April 09

Last update: 2022-07-17