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Andromeda Galaxy M31 - in Andromeda

Optics Borg ED 101 at f/4 and f/8.8
Camera Canon EOS20D modified
Filters none
Date 17 Oct 2006
11 Aug 2007
Location Antares Observatory
Sky Conditions mag 4 sky - average
Exposure 34x7.5min, 8x1min ISO800 (f/4)
10x10min, 5x5min, 9x2min ISO400 (f/8.8)
total: 6h 46min
Programs used ImagePlus, Photoshop

M31 in Black and White

Click on the image above for more contrasted BW view of the galaxy (707KB).

M31 Core

For a detail view (100% resolution) of the core region with its dark nebulas click on the image above.

Andromeda Galaxy

click here for a 60% size 2112x1409 (1285KB)

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