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The central part of the Milkyway

Optics Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 at f/4.0
Camera Canon EOS40D modified
Mount Generation 1 Astro Trac
Filters none
Date June 13 - July 03 2010
Location Australian Bush (see below)
Sky Conditions mag 7 sky
Exposure 211x5min ISO400
total: 17h 35min
Programs used Iris, Registar, Photoshop CS4
Notes This is a 16 frame mosaic. One night was partly covered with high clouds. Otherwise perfect skies!

Click on the following link to see where the different parts of the image have been taken:

Below you find some selected regions of this area. Click on the thumbnail to view 50% or 75% size images respectively.

Antares Region Pipe Nebula

Norma Region Lagoon Nebula Region

Milkyway Panoarama

click here for a 25% size 2360x2250 (3609KB) image

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