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Messier 78 (NGC 2068) - in Orion

Optics TEC APO 140 with Flattener at f7.2
Mount AstroPhysics 900GoTo
Camera STL-11000M
Filters Baader HaLRGB
Date Nov 2013 - Feb 2015
Location Antares Observatory
SQM-L ~20.6mag at zenith
Exposure HaLRGB = 4.5-8.7-6-4.3-5.8
total: 29.3h
FWHM 3.3 arcseconds
Programs used CCDAutoPilot, MaxIm DL, PixInsight, FluXX, Photoshop CS6
Notes taken in 14 nights between 2013 and 2015

A labeled version of the image (kindly provided by Sakib Rasool) can be found here.

M78 Nebula

click here for a 75% size image, 2909x1929 (3214KB)

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