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Field around Messier 49 (NGC 4472) - in Virgo

Optics TEC APO 110FL with Flattener at f5.6
Mount AstroPhysics 1200GoTo
Camera Moravian G3-16200
Filters Astrodon LRGB
Date 3 - 10 June 2016
Location Tivoli Astrofarm, Namibia
SQM-L 21.7
Exposure LRGB = 3.2-1.7-1.7-2.8
total: 9.3h
FWHM 3.5 arcseconds
Programs used CCDAutoPilot, MaxIm DL, PixInsight, FluXX, Photoshop CS6
Notes The red patch towards the lower right corner is due to the crossing of minor planet (349) Hermentari (12.9 mag) while exposing the red channel.

Messier 49 (M49 or NGC 4472) is the large elliptical galaxy near the center of the image. A couple of other selected galaxies within this field of view are shown below in 100% resolution:

M49 Galaxies in FOV

M49 Galaxy

click here for a 70% size image, 3102x2479 (4710KB)

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