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Heart & Soul Nebula

Optics TeleVue NP101is f5.4
Camera STL11000M
Filters Baader HaRGB
Date September-October 2011
Location Antares Observatory
Sky Conditions mag 5 sky
Exposure LRGB = 26.67,6.17,10.5,12.33h
total: 55.67h
Programs used CCD Stack, Registar, PixInsight, Photoshop CS4
Notes Four frame mosaic - first light of my TeleVue NP101is

This field (approximately 7 x 4.5 degrees) is covered with many interesting objects. Some of them can be seen at an image scale of 100% or 150% image scale. Click on the thumbnails below:

Heart and Soul Crop1 Heart and Soul Crop2

Heart and Soul Crop3 Heart and Soul Crop4

Heart and Soul Crop5 Heart and Soul Crop6

Heart and Soul Crop7 Heart and Soul Crop8

A labeled high resolution image of the entire region can be found here, thanks to Sakib Rasool! There are many uncatalogued nebulas.

NGC869 and NGC884

Below you see narrowband Halpha emission line images. On the left, an interesting and rarely imaged supernova remnant (HB3) can be seen while on the right the whole 4-frame mosaic of the Heart and Soul Nebula is shown. For the mosaic, the right side unfortunately had to be cropped (just the part where the nice shock front is) because I initially did not kown that there was such a supernova remnant (until Sakib Rasool mentioned it by coincidence).

HB3 Heart and Soul Halpha

Below you find two additional crops at 400% and 150% resolution. One shows an interesting ring structure, the other shows the two galaxies Maffei 1 and 2.

HB3 Heart and Soul Halpha

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