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Cocoon Nebula Panorama - IC5146

Optics TEC 140APO with Flattener at f7.2
Mount AstroPhysics 900GoTo
Camera STL11000M
Filters Baader LHaRGB
Date May-December 2012
Location Antares Observatory
Sky Conditions mag 5-5.5 sky in average
Exposure LHaRGB = 8.5-16-2.2-2.2-2
Left total: 30.8h
LHaRGB = 7.5-13.5-2.2-2-2
Right total: 27.2h
overal total 58h
FWHM 3-3.5 arcseconds
Programs used MaxIm DL, PixInsight, Photoshop CS4

This image is an extention to the previously published image of the Cocoon Nebula. The complete dataset was reprocessed for this panoramic view that also includes the dark nebulas cataloged as LDN 1010, 1020, and 1024.
Below you find similar cropped areas as in the previous version, again in 150% and 100% resolution. Click on the respective thumbnails to see the larger images.

Center of the Cocoon Nebula LDN 1035

ngc281 preview

click here for a 40% size image, 2894x1056 (3006KB)

click here for a 75% size image, 5425x1979 (6565KB)

Below are three black and white images showing (1) a pure Halpha image (2) the processed luminance image, and (3) the luminance before processing. The latter image illustrates the enormous star density in this field of view.

Click on the image below for a narrowband Halpha image of the area (16 hours exposed) - 486KB:

cocoon in halpha

Click on the image below for a pure stretched luminance image (29.5h) - 571KB

cocoon in luminance after stretch

Click on the image below for the luminance image prior to the extraction of the faint nebula - 615KB

cocoon in luminance prior stretch

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