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Chamaeleon II Cloud

Optics TEC APO 110FL with Flattener at f/5.6
Mount AstroPhysics 1200GoTo
Camera Moravian G3-16200
Filters Astrodon L, R, G, B
Date 25 June - 7 July 2019
Location Tivoli Astrofarm, Namibia
SQM-L 21.7-22.0
Exposure LRGB = 3-1.67-2.5-2.83 hours
total: 10h
FWHM 3.4
Software CCDAutoPilot, MaxIm DL, PixInsight, Photoshop CS6
Notes Average object altitude ~30 degrees.

The Chamaeleon II Cloud is a nearby star forming region (at a distance of about 160 parsec or 520 lightyears). Two crops at the full image scale (~2 arcsec/pixel) are given below:

Ced 112 Ced 110 and Ced111

NGC 2070 preview

click here for a 33% size image, 1200x1500 (1025KB)
click here for a 45% size image, 1621x2026 (2155KB)
click here for a 67% size image, 2403x3004 (3359KB)

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